words from our patron

"Communities can come together through church attendance, social gatherings, and if the opportunities are offered, music and performance.

"Our lovely church, Holy Cross at Goodnestone, is an ideal size for small-scale performance of music of all sorts  –  choral, instrumental, and organ music.

"Seeing how the performance life of the village and surrounding areas has been enriched in the past few years by musicians both amateur and professional, it seems only appropriate that the facilities in the church extend to 'comfort breaks' and cups of tea.

"It's through the tireless efforts of Dr Kittle, his choir, and team, that we have seen this upsurge in music in the church, and I hope that the Church Interior Facilities Appeal (CHIFA) gets the support it needs to continue to enrich the cultural lie of this unique part of East Kent."

John Harle, Saxophonist